Assen MotoGP 2014

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June 26-28 2014, Various

TT Circuit Assen, De Haar 9, 9405 TE Assen
€: 22 - 85

Annually one of the most popular events on the MotoGP tour, the stop at TT Circuit Assen promises excitement on the legendary track known as "The Cathedral of Speed"!

About MotoGP

MotoGP is a sport that uses motorcycles with four-stroke engines of a 800 to 1.000 cc capacity. 

The motorcycles used in the high-speed races are purpose built and are not legal on public roads.

Of the three classes, MotoGP is the premier class of racing with the world tour visiting 13 different countries and 18 circuits.

The races vary in length from 95 to 130km depending on the track and usually last between 40 and 45 minutes.

With MotoGP now in its 65th year and the bikes reaching speeds above 200 km/h, the races are true spectacles of speed!

MotoGP in Assen

The stop on the MotoGP tour in Assen is always special. 

Hosting a round of the Motorcycle World Championship ever since its creation in 1949, the event attracts many people and is regarded as the premier annual Dutch motorsport event. 

In 2013, the Assen MotoGP was voted the most exciting of the season.

With six left corners, 12 right corners and speed fanatics from around the world, the race promises to once again bring the excitement in 2014!


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