Go Short Film Festival 2014

Film / Other
April 09-13 2014, Various

Various cinemas throughout Nijmegen
+31 (0)24 663 6789
€: 9 per film/ 50 weekend pass

Go Short Film Festival returns to cinemas throughout Nijmegen for its sixth edition!

About Go Short Film Festival

The objective of Go Short is to promote the art form of the short film. 

Often overlooked in the contemporary era for big-budget, Hollywood-style films or documentaries, the Go Short seeks to re-establish the medium as a necessary platform for both veteran film-makers and up-and-comers wishing to showcase their talent. 

Short film has been a trailblazer in the world of cinema since the early 20th century, encouraging new cinematic techniques, vanguard narratives and methods of distribution. 

Witnessing the resurgence in popularity of the short film in the internet era, Go Short has taken on the role of becoming a gate-keeper and platform through which these artists and industry members can meet, debate and ensure the future of the short. 

Go Short 2014

For the 2014 edition of Go Short, over 300 films up to 40 minutes long from a variety of genres will be screened throughout Nijmegen. 

In addition to the screenings, a complementary programme featuring debates, lectures and networking events will also take place. 

go short film festival 2014

go short film festival

Programme Highlights

Go Gif. Discussing the beauty to be found in the former internet annoyance.
Europe in Crisis. Films focusing on the economic crisis in the EU.
Go Oculus. Demo of the new virtual reality head-set.
Food & Film. Exploring the future of the food industry.
Go Party. Featuring film quizzes, nu-disco music and more!


Find locations and prices information here.
Click here for the complete programme. 

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