Urban Explorers Festival 2014

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07 June 2014, Various

Kunstkerk & Museumstraat, 3311 XP, Dordrecht
€: 17,50

The Urban Explorers Festival in Dordrecht is back hosting another day of performances, concerts and expeditions at unique locations in the historic inner-city!

What is Urban Explorers?

The Urban Explorers Festival (UEF) is built around the concept of reimagining seemingly familiar urban spaces. 

In Dordrecht, many people are accustomed to their usual walkiong routes or modes of transportation, but never get a chance to discover closed-off spaces or hard-to-reach areas. 

The organisers behind UEF saw this under-appreciated space as an opportunity and sought to make it not only accessible, but rather functional and interesting as a stage or podium for events to take place.

Over the course of the day, the UEF takes visitors on urban adventures, holds performances in unique locations and creates stages for concerts in unconventional spots around the city. 


urban explorers festival 2014
Thumb photo: "On Mars without waste, a matter of life and death" by Robert Roelink

urban explorers festival 2014
Pierre Bastien, Paper Orchestra

Urban Explorers Performers 2014

Raz Ohara Ensemble | Electro-vocal performer
Julia Kent | Cellist
Peter Broderik & Greg Haines | Minimal/Dub
Dino Dinco | Surveillance
Allie Holden | Industrial inspired art
JODI | Data exploration
Loodwicks Press Images | Literary photography

Expeditions at Urban Explorers

Nautical expedition | DordtYart
Nico Parlevliet | Cellar Noises


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