Sand Sculpture Festival 2017

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14 April 2017 - 28 October, 10am – 5pm/5.30pm

Oude Barnevelderweg 5, 3886 PT, Garderen
€: 9,50

Impressive creations made entirely of sand can be admired in the Veluwe during the Sand Sculpture Festival!

Exploring our own country

This year’s theme for the sand sculptures will be "Exploring our own country". The iconic buildings, areas and attractions that the Netherlands is known for will inspire the sculptors.

Festival terrain

Once you enter the festival, just pick a province and start exploring! The terrain is fascinating whichever way you look. Curious little streets with sculptures hidden in the shop windows can lead to a grand representation of the Veluwe forest, including animals and sound effects.

The grounds are richly decorated with a sea of flowers surrounding the sand art.

Images courtesy of the Veluws Zandsculpturenfestijn

Special sections

A new section this year contains 10 famous Dutch buildings, reproduced entirely from sand, that are illuminated with a special lighting to create an impressive atmosphere, with tiny little lights flickering behind the windows.

An indoor section of the festival will feature more than 35 sculptures, each depicting a family game. The visitors can try and guess which games these are, and win special prizes.

The artists and creators of the festival also present a special treat: a sand-sculpted version of a famous painting by Frysian painter Wiebe van der Zee, who is famous for his watercolour paint cows and other farm animals.

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