Redhead Days 2017

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September 01-04

Breda city centre
€: Free

Redheads around the world, head for Breda for a glorious coming-together of people with copper, auburn and cherry-coloured hair at the largest ginger gathering in the world!

March of the redheads

Every year in September, redheads from over 80 countries have a natural instinct kick in that will urge them to pack up their sunscreen and migrate to Breda, in the south of the Netherlands. It is a long and arduous journey, but in the end it all pays off when they find their destination: the Redhead Days.

Whatever the shade or style of red hair, everyone is welcome.

YouTube video by Associated Press

YouTube video by HvL

YouTube video by Geoffrey Taylor

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The day is designed to appeal to non-Dutch speakers, with all kinds of fun activities and shows. Activities include an exhibition in the Grote Kerk, and a mega fashion show on the Kasteelplein.

Of course, visitors are encouraged to bring their cameras and record the unique collection of fiery manes.

Non-red family welcome

Family and loved ones, even the ones with commoner’s hair colours, are welcome to come along to the free event and admire the happening.

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