Orlando Festival 2014

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August 06-17 2014, Various times

Abdij Rolduc, Heyendallaan 82, 6464 EP Kerkrade (near Heerlen)
+31 (0)45 850 9910
€: 15 - 20

The Orlando Festival stands for quality chamber music. The oldest in the Netherlands, the Orlando Festival celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011.

Chamber music is a type of classical music that relies on small groups of instrumentalists instead of entire orchestras. Intimate in nature, the violins, violas, basses, brass instruments, cellos and more come together produce absolutely angelic sounds.

Over the course of the event, musicians, conductors, ensembles and audiences of all ages come together in the abbey of Rolduc to appreciate chamber music in a beautiful setting.

Certainly one of the most significant festivals of its kind in Europe, students, professionals and fans all celebrate this classic art form in a series of evening concerts, master classes and workshops.

2014 edition of the Orlando Festival

This year, the Orlando concerts revolve around the work of Beethoven.

Renditions of his work will be performed with new takes, interpretations and in exciting locations where visitors wouldn’t expect to find the tunes of a master composer.

Featured performers for the 2014 edition of the festival include the Casals Quartet, South Korean pianist Hyu-Suu and Japanese pianist Saiko Sasaki.

For string instruments, all of the guests are major players in the international chamber scene and include violinists Vera Beths, Alex Redington and Saeko Oguma and cellists Jakob Koranyi, Stefan Metz and Maarten Mostert.

orlando festival 2014

orlando festival 2014

orlando festival 2014

Rounding out the line-up is an inspiring mix of woodwind and brass players such as flutist Herman van Kogelenberg, oboist Miriam Pastor Bergos, clarinettist Arno Piters, trumpeter Ad Welleman and Fons Verspaandonk on French horn.


For the entire list of performances, times and locations, check the programme.
For ticketing information, see here.

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