Oddstream Multimedia Festival 2014

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August 15-24 2014, 11am - 11pm

Lindenberg, Ridderstraat 23, 6511TM, Nijmegen
+31 (0)62 504 0410
€: Various; certain sections free

Oddstream multimedia festival is an interdisciplinary showcase of developments in the mixed-media fields of technology, digital media and art in Nijmegen!

At Oddstream tech is art

The artists and sculptors who participate carry out their futuristic visions to show the capabilities of what technology can do when viewed from an artistic standpoint.

Augmented realities, interactive installations and artworks using complex networks of sensors, cameras, signals and more are constructed to both fascinate and involve visitors while questioning society's contemporary relationship with technology.

Set in the labyrinthine compound of the Lindenberg, works such as Submerged by Yolanda Uriz, which recreates the feeling of an underwater environment, utilize the dark spaces to create immersive adventures that blend imagination and technology.

"Submerged" by Yolanda Uriz

oddstream building art

Experience this 10 day festival that gives interactive art a new meaning by pushing the boundaries of tech.

If that’s not enough, they will also be hosting a variety of parties and theme nights on their beautiful summer terrace with partners like Drift, Extrapol and the Raboud University!


Check here for a sample of what to expect at the festival.

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