Flamenco Biennale 2017

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January 13-29 2017, Various

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, The Hague
€: Various

The Flamenco Biennale is back in the Netherlands for their sixth edition, bringing some of the best in contemporary Flamenco to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Maastricht, and Antwerp in Belgium!

Flamenco in the Netherlands

Maybe a bit unexpected, but the Netherlands becomes a true centre for cutting-edge flamenco when the biennale is on! 

In a series of remarkable dance performances, beautiful concerts and a multitude of side-events across the nation, the Flamenco Biennale is a true ode to the Spanish art-form.

Supplemented by an extensive programme of master classes, workshops, dance lessons, dinners, exhibitions, contests and film screenings, the goal of the biennale is to provide an extensive overview of not only the history of flamenco, but also a glimpse of the future. 

Moreover, the Flamenco Biennale will see a variety of genre-breaking performances by fusing melodies and movements to a variety of musical styles including jazz, baroque and classical!


Thumb photo by Amancio Guillen

flamenco biennale 2015

Whether you're a life-long flamenco enthusiast or just experiencing it for the first time, the Flamenco Biennale is a rich inter-city event that provides a comprehensive look at the modern flamenco scene.


For the festival programme, see here.
See the entire side-programme here.

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