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April 11-23 2017

Amsterdam and Rotterdam
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Cinéma Arabe Film Festival is an annual event in Amsterdam and Rotterdam that screens some of the most engaging features, shorts and documentaries about contemporary life in the Arab world.

About Cinéma Arabe

Cinéma Arabe was set up to encourage a cultural dialogue between the Dutch and Arab worlds. The festival features the best in modern cinema from places such as Egypt, Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon.

Cinéma Arabe looks to shed light on issues in the Arab world, and deconstruct stereotypes and taboos.

Recurring issues include the Arab Spring, political unrest, the position of women in society and the lived experiences of individuals that provide counter narratives and discourses to popular media portrayals.

Increasingly popular in recent years, the festival has been spread across two cities. The main venues are:

Amsterdam (April 11-17)

- Filmhuis Rialto
- De Balie
- Podium Mozaïek

Rotterdam (April 20-23)

- LantarenVenster

Besides various interesting screenings, there will also be various topical debates taking place.

Cinéma Arabe 2017

The 2017 edition of Cinéma Arabe will feature screenings and presentations of over 30 feature films, documentaries and shorts. Almost all films are Arabic or French spoken, with English subtitles.

The main festival theme this year is gender equality, and many movies will focus on feminisim, gender and emancipation. Featured films will include:

Foreign Body

A French-Tunisian film about the young Samia, who flees from her radical Islamic brother and heads out to find a new life in Paris.

La Vache

The Last of Us

Thumb image: Foreign Body
All images courtesy of Cinéma Arabe


Sweat Rain

M’barek is one of the many farmers who were struck by the extreme draught in Morocco. He descends into a pit he is digging by himself, while his wife deals with her pregnancy, and their adolescent son with Down’s Syndrome.

The Last of Us

A Tunisian film about migrants who follow the Maghreb to Europe, but don’t reach their destination.

Investigating Paradise - Merzak Allouache

Journalist Nedjma investigates the convictions of religious Algerians about the afterlife, and how this influences their daily life. Documentary blends with fiction as Nedjma is a character, but the interviews are real.

La Vache

An Arabic film filled with self-deprecating humour. Algerian villager Fatah sets out on foot with his cow Jacqueline, to enter her in a famous competition in Paris.

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