Festival Cement 2017

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March 21-26 2017

Various locations in Den Bosch

Discover the latest creators of dance and theatre at Festival Cement, with its headquarters in the classic Verkade cookie factory, presenting shows all around Den Bosch!

Festival Cement

Festival Cement is the place to be for those who want to discover the latest generation of theatre makers, choreographers and writers. A range of venues and locations around ‘s-Hertogenbosch present unique shows from up close, in the best possible setting.

Special performances

An intimate meeting of audiences, creators and creative professionals takes place in this collection of special performances by Dutch and Flemish theatre makers and choreographers, who largely cater to an international audience.

Bring a friend for free

A limited number of IamExpat readers can make use of a special promotional code when ordering tickets to performances taking place on Saturday, March 25. This will let them order a second ticket to the same performance for free. When ordering, please use the following code: BFFC2017 

English speakers welcome

The extensive programme includes quite some performances that do not require an understanding of any specific language to understand, or are English-spoken. Here are the performances you can enjoy:


Bára Sigfúsdóttir and Eivind Lønning

​© Nanna Dis

Dance and music, everything flows together in Tide. Sound and silence, movement and stillness freely blend together into one experience.

Two performers help you broaden your senses from just sight and hearing, to touch and feeling with your entire being.

Double Bill dance performance

Two dance performances are presented together in the Double Bill:

- Yeah but No but Yeah

Hilde Elbers

​© Tessel Schmidt

Yeah but No but Yeah approaches the challenges of dealing with boundaries in a personal and physical form through dance. How do we uphold our boundaries while still flowing and moving forward?

- Have I Been Here Before

Marie Goeminne

​© Eva Gjaltema

A painting moves and breathes in Have I Been Here Before, in an attempt to discuss the matters that are too intimate or overwhelming to talk about. An organic montage of movement, projection and sound gives a voice to the things we are usually silent about.

Stopping the World

Joey Schrauwen

​© Joey Schrauwen

Stopping the World brings the moving body in touch with the fear of facing death. A construction in the shape of a spinning wheel is used in this dance performance to symbolise the search for immobility in our world of constant motion.

My Life with the Tree

Alexia Leysen / BRUT

​© Kurt van der Elst

Hilde Elbers Yeah but no but Yeah

My Life with the Tree is a wordless ode to the best and most tragic of human mechanisms: longing. How much are you prepared to lose to reach your goal? With her plan for this show, Alexia Leysen won the Dioraphte Cement Prize 2016.

Someone or Other

Øystein Johansen

​© Bart Grietens

Someone or Other is a political and absurdist play that asks the question: How much freedom are we willing to give up in the name of safety?

Facing Faces

Rita Hoofwijk

​© Rita Hoofwijk

Art installation Facing Faces invites spectators to really look at other people, and take in the faces they see.

Almost Alive

Sabine Molenaar Sandman

© Luc Depreitere

Almost Alive is an interdisciplinary performance that uses extreme physical movement to portray a dream world in which the real world and virtual reality blend together.


Sam Scheuermann

© Sam Schuermann

Nomaden (Nomads) is a theatre piece that focuses on eight people who move with purpose, and seemingly at ease. Does our freedom to move wherever we want secretly inhibit our ability to go home?

25 Feet


© Saskia Habermann

Interactive dance performance 25 Feet invites the audience to join them on stage, and play a game of near and far, with lines of tape strapped to the ground.

Open Atelier

Mardulier and Deprez

Ruben Mardulier and Michiel Deprez are taking over the outdoor spaces on Tramkade. Open Atelier is an ongoing programme with installations and circus anecdotes on the spot.

An Incomplete Life

Wild Vlees

Wild Vlees wonders why we want to preserve human life on this planet at all costs. An Incomplete Life considers the ultimate conclusion, resulting in an attempt to come to an acceptance of death.

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