Day of the Castle 2017

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05 June

Castles around the country
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More than 100 castles, castle grounds and ruins open their gates to the public and offer interesting tours, great views and fun activities!

About the Day of the Castle

During Day of the Castle (Dag van het Kasteel) on Whit Monday, visitors are invited to enter over 100 classic buildings, enjoy the atmosphere of the middle ages and admire the riches of the 17th and 18th centuries. Many castles will be accessible for free or at a discount.

Various locations offer living history presentations, demonstrations by falconers, knights and performers, and music or theatre performances.

Day of the Castle shows the part these majestic buildings play as great icons of the everyday Dutch landscape, and the importance of their upkeep as cultural heritage.


Huis Vilsteren

Slot Zuylen

Thumb image: Kasteel de Haar
All images courtesy of Dag van het Kasteel

The theme: Meet the World

The theme of Day of the Castle 2017 is Meet the World around Castle and Grounds, paying close attention to not just the main buildings themselves, but also to the many treasures you can find around them.

Beautiful side constructions, wells, garden ornaments and views adorn the areas around the castles. An ancient lonely tree, interesting excavations and more, there is a lot to discover.

Highlighted areas

Every year, Day of the Castle pays special attention to a few selected provinces. This year, highlighted are the castles of Utrecht and Groningen.

More information

See the list of participating castles.
You can also check out this map to find participating castles in your vicinity.

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