SensationKaas Gouda Cheese Festival

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October 10-11 2014, Fri 6pm -10pm; Sat 12pm - 1.30am

Markt, 2801 Gouda
+31 (0)62 224 2778
€: Tasting ground free, 17,50 afterparty

World renowned for their cheese, Gouda will be throwing a massive party in honour of the product during SensationKaas on the beautiful Markt square!

SensationKaas in Gouda

SensationKaas returns in 2014 with a two day programme designed for true cheese lovers. 

The event kicks off on Friday with a special dinner featuring live theatre that pays homage to cheese! De Anitaas are a comic trio that will surely have you laughing (in Dutch). 

Saturday is the day when cheese becomes the focus. With a series of tents and festively dressed servers get ready to eat all the cheese you can handle and vote on which local cheese farmer has made the best product of the year. 

sensationkaas gouda cheese festivzal

sensationkaas gouda cheese event

The capstone of the event is the closing party, SensationKaas.

Liberally borrowing from another well-known Sensation, be ready to dance with the "cheese girls" of Gouda and other locals!

With over 450 visitors and over 100 kilos of cheese consumed in prior editions, SensationKaas is sure to meet your expectations for a city whose name is synonymous with cheese!


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