Elf Fantasy Fair 2014

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April 19-21 2014, 10am - 10pm (Mon. until 6pm)

Kasteel De Haar, Haarzuilens, Kasteellaan 1, 3455 RR
€: Various prices

This April, the magnificent De Haar Castle on the outskirts of Utrecht will once again play host to the massively popular Elf Fantasy Fair!

The Elf Fantasy Fair

Boasting over 22.500 visitors every year, the three-day Elf Fantasy Fair is the largest fantasy event in Europe!

Founded in 2001, the organisation hosts two large events each year; one at Haarzuilens and another at Castle Arcen in Limburg.

During the April event, De Haar Castle and the surrounding grounds are transformed into the mythical kingdom of Elfia, a "realm that is never finished" and is composed of a variety of characters, species, races and creative beings. 

These inhabitants are the participants, who are encouraged to wear elaborate costumes expressing their inner character or fantasy. 

Common costumes draw inspiration from folklore, legends, popular sci-fi, the Middle Ages, anime and the many fantasy worlds and sub-genres in-between. 


elf fantasy fair 2014
Photo by Flickr user -JvL-
Thumb photo by Flickr user Sander van der Wel

elf fantasy fair 2014

Photo by Flickr user -JvL-

Elf Fantasy Fair Programme 2014

The fair offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to watch, listen and participate, including:
Clairvoyance, tricks and medieval music
A meet and greet with Alexander Vlahos
Lectures regarding theories of the Holy Grail
A rocking troll party
Learning to row like a Viking
A medieval circus workshop
Lessons in sword fighting
A jousting tournament
And much more!


For ticketing information, see here.
To register for the costume parade, click here.
Interested in volunteering? See here.

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