Edam Cheese Market 2017

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05 July - 26 August, 10.30am - 12.30pm

De Kaaswaag, Jan Nieuwenhuizenplein 5, 1135 WT Edam

The authentic Edam cheese market is opening for business!

About the Edam cheese market

After a history reaching back from 1680 until 1922, the market of Edam was revived in 1989 with the cooperation of over 90 volunteers.

The cheese market is now a major tourist event in the cosy and authentic town of Edam.

Besides the spectacle of cheese carriers and merchants practising their trade, it is also host to an old Dutch street organ and the Edam cheese chapel.

The cheese trading process

At the Edam market, you can see the cheese trading process first-hand.

After sailing into Edam from North-Holland and Friesland farms by boat, the cheese is then carried to the traders, a price is agreed upon and the cheese is carried to the scale (de waag), where the weight is determined.

From there, the cheese is transported to the cheese store by horse and a traditional cheese carriage for "aging".

All images courtesy of the Edam cheese market

The original "Edam cheese" is no longer made. However, as Edam was an important shipping town, cheeses shipped and traded through it are named Edammer.

Opening the Edam cheese market

The opening and closing of the market happens with the traditional tolling of a bell.

This action is usually performed by an esteemed guest, such as a prominent member of a political party, an author, or a representative of the sports- or entertainment industry.

Saturday evening market

Beside Wednesdays there is also a special evening market on Saturday, August 12, with the following schedule:
5-6pm: Old Dutch local produce market
6-7pm: Cheese market
8.30-10:30pm: Evening market


The Edam cheese markets take place every Wednesday from July 5 until August 26 from 10.30pm until 12.30pm. For more information, you can contact VVV Edam.

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