Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection at Cobra Museum

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05 April 2014 - 31 August, 11am - 5pm (Tues. - Sun.)

Cobra Museum, Sandbergplein 1, Amstelveen, 1181 ZX
+31 (0)20 547 5050
€: 9,50 (youth 6)

From early April until the end of August, the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen is presenting a very special exhibition featuring the works of well-known "tastebreakers" from New York's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum collection.

Guggenheim's "Tastebreakers" at Cobra

For five months, the centre of modern art in the Netherlands will be the Cobra Museum. 

A massive collaboration between the two institutions, more than 50 works by 44 different artists will be on display from the core of the mid-20th century abstract art collection of the Guggenheim Museum. 

A part of the ongoing ambition to bring attention to the innovative importance of the Cobra movement, the exchange began with the Guggenheim exhibition Art of Another Kind in which the Cobra ideas and artists played a prominent role.

Capitalising on this co-operation, Cobra is bringing 51 seminal works (13 of which were featured in the inaugural 1959 exhibition at the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building) by individuals who defied the established artistic norms of their time including Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Louise Bourgeois and George Mathieu.

Never before have so many works of the Guggenheim collection been shown in the Netherlands, and it will be the first time that several works by European abstract artists, including Pierre Alechinsky, Asger Jorn and Karel Appel, will be on display in Europe since their creation in the 1950s.

guggenheim cobra jackson pollock
Ocean Greyness, 1953, © Jackson Pollock, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2014
Thumb photo: Vanish, 1959, © Pierre Alechinsky, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2014

cobra museum guggenheim
Warrior, 1956, Conrad Marca-Relli, © Conrad Marca-Relli / Archivio Marca-Relli, Parma 2014


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