National Photo Week 2014

Exhibitions / Other
September 12-21 2014, Various times

Locations around the Netherlands
€: Various

For the second time, Foam has partnered with the Nederlands Fotomuseum to organise the National Photo Week (Fotoweek) to honour the medium of photography throughout the Netherlands! 

Photo Week celebrates the image

Founded in 2013, the Photo Week looks to highlight the role of photography and the image in various aspects of contemporary life; they are viewed as art, hold memories, make us laugh, inspire us and perform countless other functions. 

In order to further recognise and contemplate the multifaceted nature of photography, the Photo Week organises events at institutions, both amateur and professional, under one theme for ten days. 

The 2014 theme is "Look! My Happiness" (Kijk! Mijn Geluk), which encourages visitors and photographers to think about how they visualise or represent what makes them happy.

Through a diverse mix of pop-ups, galleries, exhibitions, studios, libraries, stores and improvised viewing spaces, images related to happiness will be shown and discussed all over the country!


photo week netherlands 2014
Thumb: Vrouw met baby, © Koen Hauser

photo week 2014 nertherlands
Photo: © Koen Hauser, Haar Tommy Hagen & Angelique Hoorn - Digital Art by Magic Group Media BV - Edwin Veer / Peter Witte


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Read more about Photo Week ambassador Koen Hauser here (Dutch). 

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