National Museum Week 2017

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April 03-09 2017

€: Various prices, many free

National Museum Week is back with its third edition of cultural enrichment!

About National Museum Week 2016

During National Museum Week 2017, over 400 museums throughout the Netherlands will participate in a celebration of the country's rich cultural capital by offering special entry fees and organising various activities.

During this week, many museums choose to lower or even waive their entry fees.

Our Real Gold

For three years running, the theme of the Dutch Museum Week has been "Our Real Gold", inspiring museums to show off their true treasures.

Museums revive the past by storing and exhibiting the world's treasures, offering us a glimpse of the past and present world outside of our daily experience.


YouTube video by Museumvereniging

The many showpieces that you can admire in Dutch museums during National Museum Week 2017 include:
The diary of Anne Frank, in the Anne Frank House
The widest dress in the country, in the Rijksmuseum
The Girl with the Pearl Earring, at the Mauritshuis
A T-Rex fossil, in Naturalis
A woolly mammoth skull, in the Nature Museum Nijmegen
The Girl of Yde, the famous remains of a girl who was killed thousands of years ago, and was preserved in peat, shown in the Drents Museum
The remains of a Roman bathhouse, in the Thermenmuseum
A diamond skull with 17.000 stones, at the Diamant Museum Amsterdam
The oldest pair of glasses in the Netherlands, in the Markiezenhof
A guillotine in the Gevangenpoort

See the full list of participating museums here.

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