'Conversation Piece VI: 17th Century Portraits' with Rineke Dijkstra

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29 May 2014 - 28 September, Tues-Sat 11am-5pm; Sun. 12pm-5pm

Groot Heiligland 62, 2011 ES, Haarlem
+31 (0)23 511 5775
€: 12,50

The Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem continues its Conversation Piece series with Conversation Piece VI: 17th Century Portraits, focusing on the interesting dialogue between the portraiture style found in Golden Age paintings and the contemporary works of photographer Rineke Dijkstra. 

Conversation Piece VI - Rineke Dijkstra

The Frans Hals Museum has been utilising its rich collection of 16th and 17th century art works to create an interesting series of exhibitions, entitled Conversation Piece, by thematically setting contemporary art works next to Golden Age pieces. 

What results is an interesting dialogue between the works in which the visitor can see how certain techniques, styles and methods of representation have changed and/or remained the same over the centuries. 

For Conversation Piece VI, the work of lauded Dutch portrait photographer Rineke Dijkstra was chosen.

Through nine comparisons, the exhibition highlights the subtle techniques both Dijkstra and 17th century painters used to reveal elements of the subjects' personality, show their individuality and convey their character to the viewer.


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rineke dijkstra frans hals museum conversation piece
Rineke Dijkstra, 'Vondelpark, Amsterdam', 2005, courtesy Galerie Jan Mot x Jan de Bray, 'Man,vrouw, zoon, en Amor', 1670
Thumb: Rineke Dijkstra, 'Tex', courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery x Salomon de Bray, 'Jonge vrouw in fantasiekostuum', 1652

dijkstra frans hals museum conversation piece
Rineke Dijkstra, 'Beth', 2008, courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery x Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt, 'Portret van Geertruyt van der Dussen', 1636

About Rineke Dijkstra

Rineke Dijkstra (1959) is an acclaimed Dutch photographer from Sittard. 

Dijkstra gained international attention for her moving yet sober portrait style, often focusing on adolescents or young adults during periods of their lives in which they are searching for or developing their identity. 

Set against austere backgrounds, Dijkstra's subjects look directly into the camera, while their body positioning, gaze and other subtle details evoke a distinct emotion and tone that allude to their individual identities or characters.

Most recently, Dijkstra was chosen to make one of the three official state portraits of King Willem-Alexander.

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