'Sleeping Beauty' presented by Nederlands Dans Theater

Dance / Other
October 08-24 2014, 8pm

Lucent Danstheater (Spuiplein 150, 2511 DG, The Hague) & Royal Theatre Carré (Amstel 115 /125, 1018 EM Amsterdam)
€: 25-40

The Nederlands Dans Theater starts kicks off their new season with a string of performances of Mats Ek's legendary interpretation of Sleeping Beauty!

Mats Ek's Sleeping Beauty

Debuting in Hamburg in 1996, Swedish choreographer Mats Ek's take on Sleeping Beauty is one of the few revamps of the classic that truly modifies the story. 

Adjusting the tale to the modern era, Princess Aurora is instead a rebelling teen who against her family's wishes falls in love with a heroin addict. 

Instead of the wheel that puts her to sleep, it is heroine that begins to dominate her life. 


Don't be put off by the props; the production is far from cheap and is instead an engaging and moving portrayal of love and cyclical addiction. Marred with abusive relationships and other familial problems, the production has its moments of light humour while the choreography is top notch.

A mix of modern and classic, the Nederlands Dans Theater opens their season in a big way!

Performance dates & locations

October 8-11; 23-24 | The Hague
October 18-19 | Amsterdam


For more information and to purchase tickets, see here.

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