The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) 2014

Fairs / Maastricht
March 14-23 2014, 11am - 7pm (March 23, 11am - 6pm)

Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre (MECC), Forum 100, 6229 GV
+31 (0)41 164 5090
€: 55 (90 for two)

The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) will be taking place in Maastricht again this year. 


In the fine art world, TEFAF is synonymous with quality. 

Begninning in 1975, the fair has grown each year in terms of the amount of pieces for sale and the breadth of art-works on offer. 

TEFAF currently deals in a large array of objects, including paintings, antiques, modern art, classical antiquities, haute joaillerie, design and paper, and even has a special section devoted to up-and-coming galleries. 

The fair further defined its goals through three core values: excellence, expertise and elegance.

From Old Masters to the modern works of Hirst, TEFAF adheres to these values through the vetting and verification processes, the exhibition of these pieces and its year-round activities. 

With more than 70.000 visitors in 2013, the organisers solidified their pre-eminent position in art dealership by presenting eighteen rarely seen masterpieces from the collection of drawings at the Van Gogh Museum and their annual TEFAF Art Market Report, which focused on the Brazilian and Chinese markets.

tefaf maastricht 2014

With over 260 of the world's leading art galleries from more than 20 countries and 175 international experts in 29 different categories, TEFAF in Maastricht represents the zenith of art fairs.


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