Open studios at the Van Eyck Academie 2014

Exhibitions / Maastricht
February 21-22 2014, 5pm

Van Eyck, Academieplein 1,
+31 (0)43 350 37 37
€: Free

This February, the Van Eyck Multiform Institute will be unveiling its current collection - for one weekend only!

The institute is dedicated to fine art, design and "reflective work," meaning that its exhibitions are always engaging and unusual!

The event will kick off on the Friday night, when the exhibition officially opens its doors to the public. These doors will then remain open for the entire following Saturday.

Jan Van Eyck open studios 2014

This event offers a chance for young artists to show off their latest work, as well as giving the public an insight into what's going on at the academy.

If you want to attend a preview day instead (on the preceding Wednesday or Thursday), send an email to

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