Museum Night Leiden 2017

Exhibitions / Leiden
19 May 2017, 8pm - 1am

Various locations
€: 15

This year’s Museum Night Leiden fills the late hours with the theme: time!

About Museum Night Leiden

Museum Night (Museumnacht) Leiden is an annual event during which participating museums open up for the entire night and offer various special activities.

With a very affordable wristband you can visit all the museums in one go, as they can be found within walking distance of one another in the beautiful Leiden city centre.

This year’s theme will be "time", which the participating museums will use as inspiration for their special activities. The Museumnight will start with a grand opening on the Beestenmarkt.

Participating museums in 2017

Here are the nine top museums that will be open during Museum Night Leiden 2017:


Immortalise yourself at Naturalis! Create an awesome picture of yourself or your friends in alcohol, have a Meet & Greet with Charles Darwin and hear about dangerous expeditions of the past, that led to great discoveries.

Hortus Botanicus Leiden

Digital installations inspired by the plant life of the Hortus Botanicus let you be surrounded with paint made of rays of light, and project your face onto the top of a tree.

Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken

The historical collection of Erfgoed Leiden haunts you in a ghost tour, after which you can learn calligraphy and see a precursor to modern cinema: the magic lantern.

Molenmuseum De Valk

Climb to the top of this iconic windmill and be serenaded in different languages by a choir, as you look out over the city.

Thumb image by James van der Ende
All images courtesy of Museumnacht Leiden

Museum het Leids Weverhuis

Experienced volunteers show you the workplace and living quarters of 16th century weaver families during a quick tour.

The Oude Sterrewacht

A projected planetarium and other astrological wonders await you, along with pop music performances by The Syrens.

Japanmuseum SieboldHuis

Discover ikebana, taiko drums, a silent disco with Japanese music, and learn about naughty Japan in a lecture about erotic prints.

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Drink ancient Egyptian beers with classic Egyptian make-up on, after a workshop in hieroglyphics. Fancy another country? See the Roman storyteller!

Museum Volkenkunde

Go behind the scenes of the museum’s current exhibition "Cool Japan", and learn how the roots of manga go deep into the Japanese history of art and drawing.

The Night Trail

Between the museums you can find many young, talented performers lighting up your walk from building to building.

Try your luck at the escape room, immerse yourself into the digital world with Virtual Reality and technological installations, and see spoken word artists on the canals.

A lot of the activities are available in English, and are indicated by the sign "ENG" in the programme.

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