Marga Weimans at the Groninger Museum

Exhibitions / Groningen
15 June 2014 - 30 November, Tues-Sun 10am - 5pm

Groninger Museum, Museumeiland 1, 9711 ME
+31 (0)50 366 6555
€: 13

The Groninger Museum in Groningen will be presenting the first large-scale solo exhibition of rising fashion star Marga Weimans!

About Marga Weimans

Attending the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, Weimans (Rotterdam, 1970) gained international attention for her graduating collection The Power of Dreams, for which she received an I-D Award in 2005.

Recently her designs were presented in two haute couture shows in Paris and the 2013 Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Merging elements of architectural practice and principles of fashion design, Weimans has been a part of smaller exhibitions such as Debut (2006), which featured striking voluminous black dresses inspired by vistas, and Wonderland (2009), which sought to embody the contrast between dreams and reality.

Themes in Weimans' work

Marga Weimans uses fashion as a medium to express complex and diverse themes related to identity, technology and notions of beauty.

With an astute attention to detail and a knack for blending hand-craft and high-tech, she incorporates rich patterns in eloquent forms. 

From haute couture to pret-a-porter, Weimans creatively uses unconventional materials such as wood, iron and resin with custom-designed fabrics to develop designs that are visually impressive.

Additionally, her collections explore her Surinam-Creole roots by challenging (mis)representations and stereotypes of black women in a globalised fashion world.

weimans groninger 2014

Weimans at the Groninger

The Groninger Museum has been purchasing and collecting pieces of Marga Weimans' various lines since her graduation.

Amassing a substantial and diverse mix of her work, the Groninger Museum will be collaborating with both Weimans and installation experts OMA*AMO to present new designs and examples from her previous collections.

Along with an accompanying catalogue, the Groninger Museum hopes to offer an institutional context for the rising star's expanding body of work.


Read more about Weimans here.

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