Lichtjesroute 2014

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18 September 2014 - 12 October 2014, Sun-Thurs 7pm-10.30pm; Fri&Sat 7pm-11.30pm

Through the centre of Eindhoven
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Every year the city of Eindhoven lights up in honour of freedom during the month of the Lichtjesroute! 

Lights commemorate liberation

The annual Lichtjesroute is a 22km path of decorations, ornaments, designs and installations that utilize light to brighten, literally and figuratively, the city during the approaching fall. 

However, the Lichtjesroute is more significant than simply a light display; it's a commemoration.

At the end of the Second World War, the citizens of Eindhoven wanted to celebrate, albeit sombrely, liberation. To do this, they placed candles and light-bulbs around the city.

Starting in 1984, this act was used to form the basis of a modern tradition that has been taking place ever since.

Beginning September 18, a series of decorative and accent lights are placed around the city. A substantial distance, the route takes about two hours to bicycle and about six hours to walk.


lichtjesroute 2014

Organised almost entirely by volunteers, more than 200.000 people visit the path each year to enjoy and remember.


For a map of the route, see here (PDF).

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