Feria Latinoamerica 2014

Other / Eindhoven
31 August 2014, 12pm - 7pm

Tennishal Sportcomplex Eindhoven Noord, Vijfkamplaan 12, 5624 EB
+31 (0)40 242 6186
€: 7 (4 for kids under 12)

The Centro Latinoamericano de Orientación (C.L.O) will be hosting their annual Feria Latinoamerica, a mix of a party and cultural celebration of all things Latin American in Eindhoven!

The C.L.O is a foundation in Eindhoven that, since 2000, organises activities and provides assistance to expats and internationals moving from Latin America to the Netherlands. 

Their popular Feria Latinoamerica event is a unique party run by more than 200 volunteers, friends and family to both inform and celebrate the diversity of the region. 

Along with traditional dress, songs and food, the event also is a great opportunity to network and make friends if you're just moving to Eindhoven. 

Join them for what is sure to be a great party!

feria latinoamerica

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