'Bluesplein' Blues Festival 2014

Festivals / Eindhoven
27 July 2014, 2.30pm

Wilhelminaplein 6/7, 5611 HE
+31 (0)40 244 7286
€: Free

Relax and enjoy quality blues music from a mix of Dutch and international bands on the atmospheric Wilhelminaplein during the one-day Bluesplein Festival in Eindhoven!

Blues music on Wilhelminaplein

The Bluesplein Festival gives up-and-coming acts the opportunity to showcase their music to audiences in an intimate setting.

The organisers at Cafe Wilhelmina have an ear for talent and work to programme names that they believe will be making an impact on the blues scene in the years to come. 

This year is no different, with the likes of The Tightropes, Lightnin' Guy, Texas Radio, Bullfrog Tattoo and The Eminent Stars all taking the outdoor stage. 


Keep an eye on Cafe Wilhelmina's agenda for more live music.

bluesplein 2014 eindhoven
The Eminent Stars with Steffen Morrison
Photo by Ron Beenen

Bluesplein line-up & times

The Tightropes | 2.30pm. This group recently made the jump to go pro and have played more than 150 shows, mixing elements of jazz, hard rock, classic and punk. 

Lightnin' Guy | 4pm. Hailing from Belgium, this group plays genuine "foot stompin' blues and rock music." 

Texas Radio | 5.45pm. Mix a little Tom Waits, a bit of Allman Brothers and a spoonful of The Doors and you'll have Texas Radio. 

Bullfrog Tattoo | 7.30pm. This Rory Gallagher tribute band's pure and authentic sound rivals the real thing.

The Eminent Stars | 9.45pm. A band making some international noise, the group's debut LP hit number four on the vinyl charts in Japan and they have also been receiving attention from the BBC and Radio 6. 

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