What's Up with Those Beards? at Boom Chicago

Theater / Amsterdam
31 March 2014 - 24 April, 8.30pm

Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV
+31 (0)900 266 6244
€: 26,50

Boom Chicago looks to shed some comedic light on one of the Millenials' more recent trends in "What's Up with Those Beards?".

Beards, tech and irony at Boom Chicago

Using the recent spike in popularity of extreme facial hair as the starting point for their musings, the Boom Chicago crew has put together a new show to hold a mirror up to some of the more ridiculous elements of life in 2014.

Combining improv, sketch comedy, musc, video and social media, the cast will take a hysterical look at the trends and interests of Generation Y. 

Inevitably loaded with irony, beards, an abundance of technological devices and an overbearing desire to constantly be connected to some social media outlet, Boom's new performance is a relevent, light-hearted critique of popular trends.

So get to the Rozentheater to live Tweet, Instagram and Snapchat through the underside of contemporary society's facial hair!


boom chicago performance

boom chicago beard


After the premiere on March 31, the show will take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
To buy tickets, click here.
If you have a beard, why not help set a world record on March 26?

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