'Intergalactic (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary)' at de Brakke Grond

Theater / Amsterdam
May 15-16 2014, Thurs at 9.30pm; Fri at 8pm

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Nes 45, 1012KD
+31 (0)20 622 9014
€: 17

Artists Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda and Julia Willms, operating under the collective name Tilt, will present their thought-provoking work Intergalactic (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary) at de Brakke Grond as a part of the Come Together: Beauty, Bauhaus and The Beast festival.

About Intergalactic

Intergalactic (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary) is a performance piece inspired by the work Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges.

Utilising visual and auditory elements, the performance seeks to transform a black-box theatre into a living, breathing organism. 

Formerly regarded as a container for holding objects, the transcending performance creates holes in this conception of the theatre with the audience witnessing a breakdown in the assumed dichotomy as the world of the performers, theatre and audience meld one united element. 

The sounds, words and video projections of Tilt imagine a world that, through the very process of imagining, simultaneously creates the conceived world.

intergalactic brakke grond

The Tilt Collective

The interdisciplinary Tilt collective behind Intergalactic consists of Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda & Julia Willms.

Andrea Božić is a Croatian choreographer living and working in Amsterdam. Her work is a captivating mix of live performance, installation and collaborations with weather through which she questions issues regarding the effects of attention, imagination, perception and the presentation of reality.

Robert Pravda is a sound artist based in the Netherlands who focuses on experimental music and using auditory elements to create compositions for spatial sound and light installations.

Julia Willms is a German visual artist whose works deal with the nature of perception through site-specific video installations, photo collages and drawings. 


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For more about the Come Together: Beauty, Bahaus and The Beast festival, see here.

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