'Hamlet vs. Hamlet' by Toneelgroep Amsterdam

Theater / Amsterdam
08 May 2014, 8pm

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Leidseplein 26, 1017 PT
+31 (0)20 795 9900
€: 20 - 32,50

In honour of his 450th birthday, the Shakespearian classic Hamlet has been reimagined by Tom Lanoye into a tale of internal conflict to be played by the Toneelgroep Amsterdam at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam!

About Hamlet vs Hamlet

Directed by Guy Cassiers, Tom Lanoye's rendition of Hamlet is appropriately named Hamlet vs. Hamlet.

Although the story remains largely the same with Hamlet's father being murdered by his brother Claudius who then marries Hamlet's mother to assume the throne, the perspective of the play is very different.

Instead of a child, in Lanoye's version, Hamlet is nearly an adult and therefore understands the dynamics of power surrounding him. 

The story therefore focuses on Hamlet's struggle to negotiate his emotional attachment to his adulterous mother with his desire to avenge his father's murder. 

What results are impassioned monologues in which notions of rational justice are juxtaposed with feelings of passion and rage. 

Hamlet vs. Hamlet develops into a powerful exploration of character in which an individual's ambitions and fears create inconsistencies and conflicts that resonate with the human condition.


hamlet vs. hamlet
All photos by Jan Versweyveld

hamlet vs hamlet 2014

A coproduction of Toneelhuis and Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the internal conflict embodied in Hamlet vs Hamlet mirrors the current state of Europe, where the longing to be part of a globalised world clashes with ideas of security and breeds fears of identity loss. 


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The performance will be in Dutch with English surtitles.

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