'Anne' a play based on the life of Anne Frank

Theater / Amsterdam
08 May 2014 - 30 August, Various times

Danzigerkade 5, Westpoortnummer 2036, 1013 AP
+31 (0)88 123 2411
€: 39 - 79

Anne, the new theatre production based on the life of Anne Frank, will be running from May until the end of August in the new Theater Amsterdam in the Westelijke Houthavens district!

About Anne

The story of Anne Frank is one of the most powerful accounts of daily life to emerge from the terrors of World War II.

The diary of the young Jewish girl who recorded her life in hiding on the Prinsengracht under the Nazi occupation has now been published in more than 70 languages. 

Reading the diary of Anne Frank humanises the experience of hiding, with entries that range from innocent to terrifying, the tragic fate of Anne has come to symbolise the suffering of millions of Jews during the war.

This new theatre production begins before Anne and her family go into hiding and continues to recount the terrifying years living in the Secret Annex and the subsequent horror of being betrayed after all those years. 

A revealing and emotional production, the script writers of Anne remain loyal to the diary, incorporating passages into the dialogue.

Both devastating and mesmerising, the power of Anne is that it recounts a real journey as it was experienced, with the words of an adolescent recounting the story of millions.


anne new play

About Theater Amsterdam

The Theater Amsterdam is the first purpose-built theatre in Amsterdam, enabling elaborate productions to run for an extended period of time in the same place.

Located in the up-and-coming Westelijke Houthavens district, the smartly designed theatre is set on the waterfront with a welcoming foyer and the new restaurant Boven de Planken.


To read more about the cast, click here.
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The performance is in Dutch with a multilingual translation system available from July 1 onwards.

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