Amsterdam Improv Marathon

Theater / Amsterdam
24 June, Noon - midnight

Kunst & Cultuurhuis Cinetol Amsterdam
€: 5-25

This new festival is all about improv, creativity and laughs!

12 hours of comedy

At the first annual Amsterdam Improv Marathon, performers from across Amsterdam, the rest of the Netherlands and Europe will present 12 consecutive hours of improvised comedy and theatre, performed in English.

The marathon show will feature local emerging talents, as well as international established performers.

Performers joining in

Joining in the improvising fun will be, amongst others:
ImproGanga from Amsterdam
Rebel Chicken from Germany
Merlin's Beard Improv Comedy Society from the UK

Thumb image by Joanna Jossif
Images courtesy of ImproGanga

Performances will be broken up into two-hour blocks. Audience members can get tickets to a single block, a half-day pass or a full-day pass.

Celebration of improvised theatre

The Amsterdam Improv Marathon is a celebration of improvised theatre and performance in all its forms.

Genres on display range from drama to quick-fire, slapstick comedy to absurdist to musical improvisation; all of which is made up on the spot and not scripted ahead of time.

Inspired by similar marathon events in the United States and United Kingdom, the Amsterdam Improv Marathon is an opportunity for improv performers, students and fans to experience the art form in a new way.

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