World Pillow Fight Day 2017

Other / Amsterdam
01 April 2017, 3pm

Dam Square
€: Free

Tens of thousands of people will gather and have the most massive pillow fight of the year. Join the fluffy mayhem on April 1!

Pillow fights all over the world

The seventh annual World Pillow Fight Day is taking place in more than 100 cities all over the world, including New York City, Hradec Kralove, Bangalore and London. The Amsterdam edition has bagged itself one of the most iconic locations in the Netherlands: Dam Square.

Friends and strangers alike will attack each other without mercy, in what always erupts into hilarious and chaotic scenes. The flopping of pillows often gets so intense that stuffing bursts from the seams, covering the battle field in a spectacular storm of feathery flurries.

Fun in the public place

World Pillow Fight Day takes place without the need for permits, sponsors, budgets or police interference. It's all about spreading pure freedom, creativity and happiness in the public space.

The Urban Playground Movement

World Pillow Fight Day is an initiative of the Urban Playground Movement, a group that’s devoted to fun and freedom.

By organising fun events on public locations, they encourage people to go out into their "urban living rooms" and rediscover the value of playing and connecting with each other.

Pillow Fight Day | Amsterdam, 2015 by OatStudio
Video shared by Anna Sidorchik

Captured from the video shared by Anna Sidorchik

Photograph shared by Vincenzo Truppo

Photograph shared by Vincenzo Truppo

Captured from the video shared by Anna Sidorchik

Thumb photo by Vincenzo Truppo

How to join the pillow fight

To join in you basically just need to show up with a pillow. As World Pillow Fight Day relies on the goodwill of its participants there are a few things to keep in mind:

Invite all your fluffy friends

Bring along your mates, partners, kids and grandmas!

Dress for safety and chaos

Dust masks, goggles and silly pyjamas are highly recommended!

Bring your own soft pillow

You can write your message to the world on the pillowcase.

Get there in time

Be at the monument before 3pm and wait for the signal.

Fight fluffy

Swing gently and don’t hit anyone who isn't holding a pillow.

Clean up after yourself

The organisers emphasise the importance of cleaning up after the fight. Join the cleaning crew and bring rubber gloves, brooms and garbage bags to ensure that the event will be allowed to take place again next year.

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