The Next Web Conference 2017

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May 18-19 2017


The Next Web (TNW) Conference is an award-winning technology festival set in Amsterdam, offering two days of business, knowledge sharing and the best time you’ll ever have.

The conference finds the best speakers worldwide to bring the attendees up to speed on the future of technology. Presenting are world-class speakers, tech executives, top-tier investors and promising startups.

Do you want to be there for this unique networking event? Tickets for TNW Conference can be purchased here.

Leading technology event

Over the past 11 editions, TNW Conference has grown from a 200-person event to one of Europe’s leading technology events, with 15.000 attendees a day. Visitors include entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers, and 3.500 companies from all over the world.

TNW Conference content is designed to help you understand the future of technology and gain actionable insights that can be implemented today.

Connect content and people

The aim of TNW Conference is to connect great content and great people in an incredible setting, injecting some custom-built networking technology, and topping it all off with an unrivalled feeling of intimacy.

Attendees can participate in 1.000 roundtable and influencer sessions which cover the content creation process in subjects like AI, Growth hacking, Cloud, VR, Fintech, Data, Branding, Media, Product Development, Funding and much more.

TNW 2017

This year, a whole new suite of tools doubles down on networking, matchmaking, pre-scheduled meetings and the ability to introduce new intimate speaker formats.

For the 2017 edition, the conference experience will be redefined all over again with the launch of programs like:


Within the T500 initiative, TNW starts a hunt for 500 top Dutch digital talents under 25, who will be shortlisted, invited to the conference and given the opportunity to meet the speakers.


YouTube video by TNW

TNW Conference 2016, image by Dan Taylor

Image by Bas Uterwijk​, Heisenberg Media

Thumb image by Bas Uterwijk, Heisenberg Media
All images courtesy of The Next Web

The Assembly

An invite-only event, The Assembly will bring together architects of technology, global captains of the industry and the international community’s policy-makers to discuss the most pressing issues in the world of tech and leadership today.

Music Summit

The Music Summit is a three-hour program on the intersection of music and technology made up of a unique combination of tech legends and music pioneers.

Brought to you by a collaboration with MassiveMusic, it will take place in front of a 1000+ live-audience, and broadcasted to millions.

The Music Summit aims to inspire decision makers, industry leaders and creatives with stories born at the intersection of music and technology.

The program is also meant to highlight the importance of music, key to brand consistency and crucial for brands who are trying to cut through the noise emotionally.

The Music Summit's line-up includes speakers like:
- Hardwell (DJ, music producer, record label owner)
- Poppy Crum (Chief Scientist, Dolby Labs)
- Molly Neuman (Head of Music, Kickstarter)
- Colin Benders (Musician, Composer and Producer)
- Henry Daw (UI/UX Sound Specialist)

Startup programs

TNW Conference also offers four startup programs. Bootstrap, Boost, Scale and Impact help participants get access to one-on-one investor meetings, corporate and mentor office hours, as well as workshops and round tables.


Four main stages will tie together inspiring keynotes from bestselling authors, futurists, entrepreneurs and tech leaders. Some of this year’s featured speakers include:

Nir Eyal - Author of "Hooked: How to build habit-forming products"
Ryan Hoover - Founder of Product Hunt
Mark Randall - VP of Creativity, Adobe
Linda Kozlowski - COO, Etsy
Mike Quigley - CMO, Niantic (Pokemon Go)
Reshma Sohoni - Co-founder of Seedcamp
Hardwell - DJ & Producer
Piera Gelardi - co-founder Refinery29

For more information, keep an eye on the TNW Facebook page.

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