Positive Parenting of Young Children Workshop

Other / Amsterdam
09 December, 10.30am

Baby Sensory Playgroup, Hygieastraat 8, 1076 RM
€: 55 per person / 80 per couple

Positive Parenting is a four-hour workshop held over two days focusing on parents of children under five years old.

This workshop will discuss why children behave the way they do, how conflict situations can be prevented from happening and how to respond effectively and positively when children misbehave. It will look at positive strategies that are effective and empower you and your child and establish harmony at home.

Inspired by Thomas Gordon and Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen, this workshop is about providing you with tools for discipline and information about your child's development, so you can make confident, informed decisions that suit your unique family.

In this workshop you'll learn: 

› What "Positive Discipline" is
› How young children's development affects their behavior
› Practical positive parenting tools that can substitute rewards, punishment and threats
› How to avoid saying "No"
› How to get through daily hassles like bedtime and mealtime peacefully
› How to use "time out" positively with young children

Also included are: 

› Fun experiential activities 
› Group discussions 
› Take-home handouts
› A Positive Parenting workshop booklet 


› Advanced registration is required by emailing here.
› There is no childcare available during the workshop, but non-crawling babies are welcome.
› The next session will be on December 16 (10.30am - 12.30pm).

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