National Achievers Congress in the Netherlands

Other / Amsterdam
June 28-29 2014, 9am - 11pm

Elicium Ballroom, Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein, 1078 GZ
+31 (0)20 811 2209
€: See prices below

Organised by Success Resources, the National Achievers Congress (NAC) will be bringing key-note speakers Chris Gardner, Les Brown and Tom Hopkins to Amsterdam in order to motivate and show visitors the tools and techniques essential to financial success and personal development!

National Achievers Congress: a legacy of motivation

The National Achievers Congress has been hosting conferences internationally for over 22 years. 

During this time the event has hosted some of the most illustrious speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries, including Sir Richard Branson, former Prime Minister of the UK Tony Blair, former President of the US Bill Clinton and real estate mogul Donald Trump.

The NAC is all about motivating participants to set and pursue their financial and personal goals.

By hearing the stories of others who have succeeded and showing conference visitors various tools and techniques, individuals will become more focused about alternative ways of beginning a business, achieving financial stability and managing their entrepreneurial endeavours.

A core belief of the NAC is that education and access to information is the proven way to success.

Building on this tenet, the seminars and talks offer visitors an array of examples, strategies and methods to best attain their personal goals. 

national achievers congress 2014

What do visitors learn?

Throughout the two-day conference, a variety of topics are addressed by panels of international speakers, yet the focus remains on the core elements of business: marketing, sales, leadership and personal development.

Financial Education

In times of economic crisis, personal finances are a problem for many individuals.

Thinking more creatively, the NAC encourages visitors to break a mentality of financial difficulty and shows them how to construct a firm foundation on which to build wealth.

Business and Investment Systems

Although investing can be an intimidating topic, with the right tools and education, the playing field becomes increasingly even.

By learning about cutting-edge and practical systems, a range of opportunities in fields like property, stocks and commodities suddenly open up.


The combination of speakers and sharing experiences with others will give participants a new sense of confidence.

Armed with newly acquired knowledge and understanding, individuals come away motivated to translate their business ideas into reality.

national achievement congress

Win a free Silver Ticket!

The NAC is running a special promotion for the Netherlands.

Simply enter the contest here for the chance to win one Silver Ticket to the conference at the Amsterdam RAI, a value of 197 euros!

National Achievement Congress Speakers 2014

Speakers at NAC Netherlands

As always, the NAC has arranged for big name speakers who exemplify "rags-to-riches" to share their experiences, stories and tips for personal success to encourage visitors to follow in their footsteps.

Chris Gardner

Author, investor and entrepreneur, Chris Gardner is the inspiration for the 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith. During the early 1980s, Gardner encountered a series of legal and financial set-backs that left him and his young son homeless. Through a strong will and work ethic, he eventually began his own brokerage firm and sold his stake in a multimillion dollar deal. 

Les Brown

One of the world's best motivational speakers, Brown was labelled "educably mentally retarded" by mistake at an early age. With a strong will and drive to succeed, Brown would move up the vocational ladder from sanitation worker to state representative of Ohio. 

Tom Hopkins

A master salesman, Hopkins is known internationally as one of the leaders on approaches to selling. He is a well-travelled speaker with over 4.000.000 people attending his seminars over five continents. An author, Hopkins wrote the must-have guide to sales How to Master the Art of Selling.

Tickets and pricing

By purchasing tickets to the NAC through IamExpat, you will receive an exclusive 50 per cent discount on all Silver Tickets and a 2-for-1 deal on Gold Tickets.

To access this promotion, purchase tickets here.

Silver Tickets | 48,50 euros per ticket

- Admission to two-day event
- Two Silver Section seats
- Success toolbox download
- Workbook

Gold Tickets | 197 euros for two tickets

- Admission to two-day event
- Two Gold Section seats
- Success toolbox download
- Workbook

Diamond Tickets | 497 euros per ticket

- Admission to two-day event
- Two Diamond Section seats (best seats)
- Private Q&A session with Chris Gardner
- Lunch with key speakers
- Access to Diamond Lounge
- Priority access to main room
- Private registration area
- Success toolbox download
- Workbook

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