Impress for Success: How to Make the Right Impression at Work and Personal Life

Other / Amsterdam
21 January 2014, 7.30pm - 10.30pm

The Impact Hub, Haarlemmerweg 10, 1014BE
+31 (0)62 671 4160
€: 15 (30% discount when bringing a friend)

Participate in the "Impress for Success: How to Make the Right Impression at Work and Personal Life" workshop and learn all about impression management!

Questions addressed

Are you wondering how to make a desirable impression on your boss or clients, your partners or friends or family members, your employees or potential employer?

Are you curious to know why the impression you make may differ from the one you expected?

Are you interested to know why your relationships at work or in your private life sometimes do not work out and want to know how to "fix" them?

right impression life work workshop

What you'll learn

What psychology says about the process of perception and making an impression (based on Personal Construct theory by psychologist George Kelly).

How your boss and clients, partners and friends or family members, employees and potential employers form their impression of you.

How to use this knowledge to better understand others and to enhance your results and relationships both in your work and personal life.

How to register

Let seminar leader Yulia Seredina give you the answers to these questions and more! To register, send an email here.

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