Amsterdam Tulip Days 2014

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May 03-04 2014, 10pm - 5pm

Museum Van Loon (starting-point), Keizersgracht 672 1017 ET
+31 (0)20 624 5255
€: 12,50 (passe-partout)

The Amsterdam Tulip Days will once again take place on the weekend of 3 and 4 May at various locations throughout the city!

The third edition of the Amsterdam Tulip Days is organised by the Museum Van Loon and botanical designer Saskia Albrecht in co-operation with the Tulpenmuseum and the City of Amsterdam. 

Tulips play an undoubtedly prominent role in the history of the city of Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general, the most striking of which is the 17th-century Tulipmania

Recognising the lasting association of the tulip with Amsterdam, the Tulip Days are meant as a way to bring them back to the centre of the city while reminding people of their significance and beauty.



tulip days 2014

tulip days 2014

For the weekend, a number of the gardens at prominent museums, private houses and institutions will feature a themed arrangement of tulips and other bulbs for visitors to admire. 

Beginning at the Museum Van Loon, visitors can admire the floral arrangements at more than 20 different locations!


View the maps for the Centre and South of Amsterdam.
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