Valtifest 2014

Festivals / Amsterdam
06 September 2014, 1pm - 11pm

NDSM, TT Neveritaweg 61, 1033 WB
€: 45

Valtifest returns to the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam to celebrate the Seven Deadly Sins with a slew of great DJs and, as always, an inspired crowd!

Valtifest & Seven Deadly Sins

Each year Valtifest looks to renew itself by developing a theme for which the stage design, acts and visitors' costumes revolve around. 

For 2014, the theme is the Seven Deadly Sins. Spread across seven stages, the design and acts will be responsible for giving all the Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride the crowd can handle!

One of the many aspects that makes Valtifest great is the diversity of hosts and sponsors, which include NYX, MTV, 3FM, Rauw, Tom Trago and more!

The other, and arguably best, part of Valtifest are the creative costumes to be found in the audience. Look for this year to be full of creative takes on what it means to sin...

valtifest 2014

Valtifest headliners 2014

Joost van Bellen
Tom Trago
Gorgon City
Benny Rodrigues
Willy Wartaal
Alex Metric
Space Dimension Controller
Jody Bernal


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