Read My World International Literature Festival

Festivals / Amsterdam
September 12-14 2014, Various

Tolhuistuin, Buiksloterweg 5c, 1031 CC Amsterdam
€: 10-20

The Read My World International Literature Festival is a quickly growing initiative that explores the relationship between literature, journalism and everything in between from diverse areas of the globe!

Read My World & the Caribbean

Founded in 2013, the Read My World festival is taking major steps to become the premiere annual international literary event in Amsterdam.

Instead of focusing on a single genre or style, the festival changes their theme each year to explore a different topic or region in depth by blending journalistic reality with imaginative themes and topics found in domestic fiction.

The 2014 edition of Read My World is dedicated to investigating the literary traditions of the Caribbean. 

A region so rich with diversity that it's a stretch to define a Caribbean 'identity,' the influences of immigration, colonial rule and subsequent internal developments have had a drastic impact on the stories and literature produced. 

From dialects created through the mixing of native languages with colonial tongues to spiritual traditions formed from centuries of clashing belief systems, the contemporary literature coming from the Caribbean is certainly in a league of its own. 

read my world 2014

read my world festival
All photos by Bianca Sistermans

read my world 2014

Read My World Highlights 2014

Curated by Ruel Johnson, Sharda Ganga and Kettly Mars, the dense programme features authors from Great Britain, Barbados, Guyana, Sweden, the Netherlands, Saint Lucia, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago analysing, discussing and debating the traditions and current trends in literature from their region.

Opening Revue | Sept 12
Another Haiti | Sept 13
Read & eat | Sept 13
Comes from Afar | Sept 13
Tourism: the New Colonialism? | Sept 13
Always a bass line in the background | Sept 13
Away from Damascus | Sept 13
Brave New World | Sept 14
Contemporary Guyana | Sept 14
Reading Ground | Sept 14


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