Over het IJ Festival 2014

Festivals / Amsterdam
July 03-13 2014, Various times

NDSM and surrounding areas, TT Neveritaweg 61, 1033 WB
+31 (0)20 492 2229
€: 0 - 16,50

The Over het IJ Festival returns to the NDSM area of Amsterdam North and brings with it some of the most creative location-based and experimental theatre performances in the Netherlands.


About Over het IJ

A sister festival of the Oerol Festival in Terschelling, Over het IJ brings a similar philosophy in making location an important part of theatre performance. 

Instead of the wilderness of Terschelling, Over het IJ seizes the post-industrial area of the NDSM wharves and encourages young theatre makers to let the environment inspire them.

What results is a unique 11-day festival that has performances springing up in unexpected locations like shipping containers, areas around Amsterdam Central Station and along the banks of the river IJ. 

The Over het IJ Festival has earned a reputation for allowing developing artists to push their work further and use the opportunity to explore the experimental side of their craft through new or debut performances. 

As the cherry on top of a wonderful programme, the Over het IJ additionally creates a busy festival heart with a cafe and social atmosphere where visitors can meet and recount the inspiring acts they've seen!

Over het IJ Festival 2014
All photos by Saris & den Engelsman

Over het IJ Highlights 2014

After more than 30.000 attendees in 2013, Over het IJ is prepared to welcome even more visitors this year with over 20 planned one-offs, premiers, exclusives and favourites!

Shipping container programme. This section sees fresh graduates presenting works for a maximum of 15 minutes in a six by two-and-a-half metre shipping container for just three euros. 

De Club 3.0. Inspired by David Fincher's Fight Club, this performance by Stichting Nieuwe Helden is an exploration of concepts regarding what we can, must or want to do within our society. 

Woyzeck, a delusional opera. The opera singers of Silbersee collide with the wild men of Project Wildeman in a confronting interpretation of the case of Woyzeck, juxtaposing civilisation with primitive drives.

ASO. The debut of Rene Geerlings as director for BonteHond, this site-specific performance will tackle issues of anti-social behaviour and well-intentioned art in public space. 

over het ij festival


For the complete programme and line-up, check here (from mid-June).
Check here for ticket presales per performance (mid-June).

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