Holi Festival Of Colours 2017

Festivals / Amsterdam
26 August


The Holi Festival of Colours returns to Amsterdam for another celebration of love and colour!

Colourful and summery

This year is promising to be even more colourful than previous editions, featuring a summery line-up.

Inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, the days signify the victory of good over evil and serve as a time to meet others, repair relationships and celebrate love.

Becoming more and more popular throughout the years, this festival adapts the elements of Holi for an international audience.

Along with music, an important feature of this festival is the incorporation of coloured powder (gulal) which is thrown into the air and on other visitors to symbolise happiness and love!


The minimum age is 18.
Purchase your tickets.
The coloured powder can only be purchased at the festival.
Colours can easily be washed out of hair/skin, but of course some residue may affect clothing.

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