Food Film Festival 2014

Festivals / Amsterdam
May 09-11 2014, Various

Westergasfabriek, Polonceaukade 27, 1014 DA
€: 10 per film; various for side programmes

The Food Film Festival finds a new home in Amsterdam's Westergasfabriek to present the best in films focusing on food and its value in society. 

Food Film Festival

Since 2011, the Food Film Festival has introduced audiences to a very special sub-genre of film: that which brings attention to our conceptions and notions regarding food and its production.

Established by the Youth Food Movement (YFM), the festival was started as a way to put more attention on important issues surrounding contemporary food production processes. 

In addition to screenings, the Food Film Festival hosts a variety of tastings, demonstrations, debates, art exhibitions and musical performances. 

The festival has grown to be a popular event, attracting over 8.000 visitors in 2013 that included a diverse public along with cooks, policy makers and concerned consumers.


food film festival

food film festival 2014
Still from "Hollandse Nieuwe," Leonard Retel Helmrich & Hetty Naaijkens

food film festival 2014
Still from "My Name Is Salt," Farida Pacha

Food Film Festival 2014 Highlights

Documentaries. Check out Raw Herring.
Fiction Films. Read about Love and Lemons.
Keynote speaker Joel Salatin.
Short Films. The engaging L'Universelle des Pourcel.
And many tasty workshops!


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For more about the Youth Food Movement, click here.

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