Festival 5D

Festivals / Amsterdam
June 28-29 2014, Various times

NDSM wharf, Werfstraat, Noord 1, 1033
+31 (0)20 820 8709
€: 7 (5 for children)

Festival 5D returns to the NDSM area of Amsterdam offering two full days of performances and installations focused on engaging sight, sound, taste, touch and smell!

Festival 5D: engaging five senses

Each year, Festival 5D divides the large space of the NDSM wharf into five very special pavilions. 

Corresponding with the five senses, an artistic director, curator or creative is then responsible for developing a performance, art installation or other interactive experience focused on one of the senses. 

Festival 5D Artists 2014

Klemens Patijn | Sight
Henk Zwart | Smell
Waterlanders | Hearing
Lennie Visser | Touch
Vincent Brons & Marte Boneschansker | Taste

Join these artists and the multitude of experiences that they've been creating to please all five of your senses!

The senses & accessibility

As Festival 5D explores senses and perception, they are also aware of the difficulties when certain senses are impaired.

Fear not, as the organisers have developed methods of making the festival as accessible as possible to those who are less able-bodied or whose senses may be impaired.

Including wheelchair friendly facilities, the festival is also meant to engage individuals in alternative ways, including producing the programme in Braille and having sign language interpreters present. 


To purchase tickets, click here.
Find a description of the pavilions here (in Dutch).
For more information or questions about accessibility, send an email here

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