Chocoa Chocolate Festival Amsterdam 2014

Festivals / Amsterdam
March 29-30 2014, 9am - 5pm

National Maritime Museum, Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK
€: 7,50 - 10

The Chocolate Festival Foundation returns with another edition of their popular festival, Chocoa!

About the Chocolate Festival Foundation

Each year, the Chocolate Festival Foundation organises a conference with a focus on promoting sustainability in the cocoa industry. 

In addition to the trade fair in the Beurs van Berlage, the Chocoa Chocolate Festival also hosts a fair in order to reach consumers more directly and inform them about the issues involved in chocolate production. 

Of course, they also offer ample opportunities to sample some of the best and fine flavoured cocoa. Unlike ordinary bulk cocoa, these beans are produced from Criollo or Trinitario cocoa-tree varieties and are the sort used by chocolatiers.

In addition to issues of quality, Chocoa also looks to highlight how beans of a higher grade can also contribute to increased sustainability and transparency.


Chocoa: the Festival

Taking place at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, the festival portion of the weekend is a dream come true for a chocolate lover. 

Upon entering the fair, visitors will see, smell and taste the best chocolates that national and international chocolate makers have to offer. 

In addition to tasting the fruits of their labour, the enthusiastic brands will discuss the contexts which affect their chocolate, from their origins to environmental issues to socio-economic conditions.

Major industry players participating in this event include el Sauco, Original Beans, Kees Raat, CHOCOdelic, Kallari, Arthur Tuytel, PepperMango ChocoWeb and Dutch Homemade, amongst others!


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Interested in the conference? See here!


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