Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt 2014

Fairs / Amsterdam
October 04-05 2014, 12pm - 6pm

In & around Nieuwmarkt
€: Free

Every year the artists that live and work in Amsterdam's inner-city open their studios to meet visitors and showcase their work during the Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt.

Local art in historic Amsterdam

The Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt began in 1975 during the protests against further development in the neighbourhood.

With the government increasingly destroying historic buildings to make way for (a very 1970s) "modernity," residents of the area staged massive demonstrations to save the unique qualities of the neighbourhood. 

With these heroic residents stood the artists. Opening their studio doors and forming a small collective, the artists worked to show that they too had strong ties to the neighbourhood and that further demolition would harm the area's character.

Flash-forward to 2014 and the event is still taking place. Once again, the artists open their doors for a weekend, not in protest, but in a bid of solidarity to show that the Nieuwmarkt's cultural side has remained strong over the years. 

An undeniably cosy event, visitors are free to meander in and out of the gems of the Nieuwmarkt art scene, not only viewing gorgeous work, but also having a chance to meet the artists and explore spaces that may normally be closed.


open ateliers nieuwmarkt 2014
Photo: Carl van Hees
Thumb photo: Luc van der Hoeven

open ateliers nieuwmarkt
Photo: Raymond Huisman

Beginning with a festive opening on October 3, the main exhibition with art from each participating studio will find place in Splendor (Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116). 


For a list of galleries and more information about the neighbourhood, click here

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