Old Amsterdam Food Market

Fairs / Amsterdam
12 April 2014, 12pm - 5pm

Outside the Brakke Grond, Nes 45, 1012 KD
€: Free

The CITIES Foundation and Flemish cultural centre the Brakke Grond have teamed up to co-host the Old Amsterdam Food Market, which seeks to examine the links between traditional and current methods of food preparation.

Old Amsterdam Food Market

Feeling that the appreciation for what it takes to prepare food is slowly being lost, the Old Amsterdam Food Market will offer visitors the chance to get back in touch with the amount of work and resources these methods require. 

Much more than your average market, CITIES has invited a variety of local entrepreneurs to not only sell their goods, but also to host workshops which allow visitors to see and experience how a product is made.

In co-ordination with their current theme "Labor of the Day", the Brakke Grond will be supporting the initiative by encouraging participants to regain the appreciation of the work that goes into the products/goods we often take for granted.



old amsterdam market 2014
Thumb photo 'Still Life with a Turkey Pie', Pieter Claesz, 1627

old town amsterdam

Maintaining a focus on history, this event will remind the audience of a time when the market was central to the life of both individuals and the city.

Featured participants

Metropolitan Deli. Chocolates & Ice Cream.
Vleesch Noch Visch. Vegetarian dishes.
De Keuken van het Ongewenste Dier. Edible 'pests'.
De Pasteibakkerij. Traditionally prepared meats.
De Smaak te Pakken. Mobile cooking lab.
BBROOD. Handmade bread.
Brouwerij de Prael. Traditional microbrews.


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