Amsterdam Drawing 2014

Fairs / Amsterdam
September 18-21 2014, Thurs-Sat 11am-7pm; Sun. 11am-5pm

NDSM Werf, TT Neveritaweg 6 1033 WC
€: 10

Amsterdam Drawing is back for their third edition bringing together galleries, artists and visitors to celebrate some of the best art works on paper!

Amsterdam Drawing: art on paper

The Amsterdam Drawing art fair is one of the few that retains a focus on works done on paper using materials that include gouaches, aquarelles, charcoal, ink and pen. 

With more than 50 Dutch and international galleries participating, there is enough variety to keep visitors engaged while remaining an intimate, specialty fair. 

No small feat, the previous editions have seen around 5.000 visitors and the amount of purchases greatly exceeded expectations. 

amsterdam drawing 2014
Jantien Jongsma Monument voor Tjitske, 2014 mixed media on paper 32 x 32 cm Courtesy C&H Art Space, Amsterdam

amsterdam drawing
Cornelia Schleime Camouflage, 2008 ink on paper 56 x 76 cm Courtesy Livingstone Gallery, The Hague
Thumb: Dennis Tyfus Eendje in de kat, 2013 acrylic pen and tape on paper 204 x 144 cm Courtesy Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent

Due in part to this success, Amsterdam Drawing has been able to expand their offerings and the amount of galleries participating, ensuring that high quality works await visitors from all milieus!

Whether a serious art collector, critic or amateur enthusiast, the fair is a great way to spend a weekend browsing the paintings, drawings and collages from both domestic artists and those brought in from abroad.


Find a complete list of participating galleries and artists on their site

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