The Dwarf Empire at De Brakke Grond

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
01 February - 14 March, 11am - 6pm (Mon-Fri), 1pm - 6pm (Sat. & Sun.)

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Nes 45, 1012KD
+31 (0)20 622 9014
€: Free

Come and witness Flemish photographer Sanne de Wilde's first solo exhibition, The Dwarf Empire, at de Brakke Grond!

About The Dwarf Empire

Wilde's photographic series The Dwarf Empire is a cultural-anthropologic exploration of the ideas of the "other" and spectacle in the context of commercialised social health care.

Focusing on The Dwarf Kingdom, a section of a larger theme park in the Yunnan province of China, the series investigates the lives of the 77 little people who reside there while performing a song and dance show twice a day. 

Founded by "a tall, rich man" who was determined to "do something good" for these individuals, the exhibition questions the intersections of ethics, health care, commercialisation and the role of the gaze. 

De Wilde's photographs play with the idea of inherent power in the gaze, questioning who is being watched, how and for what reasons. De Wilde's initial exploration is turned on its head when she, as a foreigner who looks foreign (tall, white, blue eyes, blonde hair), becomes subject to this game of gazes, resulting in a "modern anti-fairytale."

dwarf empire de wilde

dwarf empire de wilde
Photos by Sanne De Wilde

Sanne De Wilde

Sanne De Wilde (b. 1987, Antwerp) is Flemish photographer who studied at KASK in Ghent and currently resides in Amsterdam working as a freelance photographer for the De Volkskrant

Having exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the Green Room International Photo Festival in Knokke, the BredaPhoto International Photofestival and Unseen in Amsterdam, Wilde's recent independet works have dealt with the marginal (Snow White, The Dwarf Empire). 

In addition to her recent exhibitions, De Wilde has received international attention for her work as evidenced through awards including the 16ème Prix National Photographie Ouverte (Belgium), Coalface Photo Contest for Assigned Project in Turkey (Belgium), The Photo Academy Award (TPAA) (Netherlands) and first prize at Pitch (Netherlands).


› This exhibition is done in collaboration with Bredaphoto
› For more information about Sanne De Wilde, click here.
› Join for the official opening on January 31 at 7pm.

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