Rembrandt, or Not? Old Drawings, New Names

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
01 February 2014 - 27 April, 10am - 6pm

Museum Het Rembrandthuis, Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011NK
+31 (0)20 520 0400
€: 12,50

The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam opens a fascinating exhibition offering insight into the verification and attribution processes surrounding historical works of art!

Is the Rembrandt real?

How does one recognise, legitimate and verify works of art? This question has plagued art-historians for centuries in seeking to create an accurate and authentic overview of the careers of master artists.

Add to this the financial risk associated with the possibility of a fake or disaccreditation and the issue becomes paramount. 

For the first time in the Netherlands, the exhibition Rembrandt, or Not? Old Drawings, New Names will focus on the process of attribution surrounding Old Masters. 

Through the use of more than 60 drawings, the exhibition will explore the work of Peter Schatborn, the former head of staff for the department of prints and drawings at the Rijksmuseum

The works on display have all been attributed to various 17th century artists by Schatborn.

Rembrandt Drawing
The Temple of Minerva in the Forum of Nerva, Pieter Lastman (1583-1633)

rembrandt drawing
Standing Female Nude, Moving to the Left, Right Arm Outstretched, Jacob van Loo (1614-1670)

By examining the differences in these works, the goal of the display is to allow the visitor to metaphorically "look over the expert's shoulder" and better understand the techniques, research methods, arguments and characteristics Schatborn used to identify these works.


The exhibition will feature an audio tour recorded by Peter Schatborn.
There is also an accompanying publication Old Drawings, New Names.

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