'portrait (self) portrait' by Óscar Muñoz

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
17 April 2014 - 01 August, 10am - 5pm (Mon - Fri)

Prince Claus Fund Gallery, Herengracht 603, 1017 CE
+31 (0)20 344 9160
€: Free

Opening in April, the Prince Claus Fund will be presenting a solo exhibition of 2013 laureate Óscar Muñoz entitled portrait(self)portrait featuring a selection of the Colombian artist's works!

About Óscar Muñoz

Óscar Muñoz is a Colombian visual artist who uses unconventional mediums and practices as vehicles to represent more complex themes related to identity, perception and memory. 

Coming of age in the violent context of a drug-ridden Colombia, the work of the artist reflects the fragile nature that is human existence.

Working with substances such as water, breath, dust and methacrylate, his canvases are just as fleeting as the images which he creates. 

Muñoz's subjects are often those that have been relegated as transient to society: victims of drug crimes, those who have disappeared and those who have been forgotten.

Through his ephemeral works, Muñoz's art has shown a daring mirror to society; one which confronts visitors with just how delicate their own life is.

Muñoz was awarded a Prince Claus Award in 2013.


The exhibition: portrait(self)portrait

In honour of his selection as a 2013 Prince Claus Laureate, portrait(self)portrait will be presenting a selection of some of Óscar Muñoz's most engaging works.

Curated by José Roca, pieces on display include The Game of Probabilities, Re/trato, Narcisus, Line of Destiny, The Cyclop’s Gaze, Sedimentations and Solitary Editor.

Through video projections and photographs, the works are exemplary of Muñoz's oeuvre: poetic, slightly melancholic and profound.

Creativity elegantly unlocks esoteric reflections on disappearance through the futile choice of medium in Re/trato, the dense nature of human development is revealed through a misleadingly simple series of layered images in The Game of Probabilities, and the process of creating journalistic narratives, and by extension histories, is critically deconstructed in Solitary Editor.

On display until August 1, the selection of works are a testament to an artist who has elevated the dialogue surrounding ideas and methods of physically conveying abstract emotions related to memory, identity and temporality to a level that forces the vistor to rethink notions of the "image."


Catch the opening at 5.30pm on April 17.

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